It's all about Family

We are a family run maze, which is based on our family home of over 20 years.


There are 3 generations of the family living here, with a 4th generation over on most weekends! As such, we know what families want (and need!) for a great day out.


After having sheep, cows, alpacas and a Shetland pony we decided to try something we as a family has enjoyed for years, our own maize maze!


We first stumbled across a maize maze on a family holiday over 15 years ago and we had a fantastic day. Ever since we have loved them, and returned to the maze every year until our children all grew up and we didn't go on family holidays anymore! 


Our son found a maize maze and took his grand parents out for the day, and they soon understood the fun and excitement a maize maze can bring! 


If you need anything, just come and ask one of us, we will do everything we can to help you and, if you ask us before you arrive, we will do our best to have everything sorted for you when you arrive! 


Images from the last 2 years at Braydon Maize Maze