Here are a list of Frequently Asked Questions!

What should we wear?
This depends on the weather the day you are coming!  We always recommend sensible shoes or trainers; remember the maze is in a farm field so the paths are uneven. The car park is in an adjoining field, which does still have some bumps and grooves left by the tractors. Wellies are recommended if there has been rain, and if the sun is shining remember to pack sun hats and sun creams!


How long will it take?
We normally recommend that you allow yourself an hour to navigate the maze


Do you accept credit/debit cards?
Yes we accept Visa, VPay, MasterCard & Maestro. 

We have a secure Chip and PIN device powered by PayPal Here© where we can text you or email you the receipt, as well as issuing one from the till.


The only card which is not accepted is American Express. 


What do we do in the Maze?

When you arrive on site, come and see us in our ticket “shed” and purchase the tickets you need for your visit. We will then give you the tickets and you’re free to get lost! 


We have a number of items hidden in the maze all linked into the theme of Travel. This year, there will be a passport given to you so you can find the stamps needed to fill the pages of your passport - we wont give out a map unless you want one, as the majority of visitors liked the excitement of trying to find the items without one! 


When you have finished in the maze, come back to our ticket “shed” and see if you found all the items and learn a bit more about the places you have visited inside the maze. Feel free to purchase any drinks or snacks to refuel after a hard time mazing!


Will I get lost?
The maze is set over 7 acres and we hope you won’t get too lost! We always keep an eye open for anyone who is lost and we will always hand out our "Lost Hotline number" for you to take with you in case you need some help!


How many children can an adult take into the maze?
We like to think the maze is a safe place, but we would recommend that an adult only looks after 4 children.


Can my children go in alone?
We request that all Children under 16 have to be accompanied at all times in the maze by an adult. This is due to damage which has unfortunatley been caused by unaccompanied children either pulling up the maize, or running through it. 


What Toilet facilities are there?
We have a portaloo situated near the entrance to the maze, and at the moment we do not have any disabled toilets, for which we apologise.


Can a Wheel chair or pushchairs navigate the maze?

The maze itself is flat although it is bumpy both on the paths inside the maze, and the fact it is based in an agricultural field! The paths can get muddy after rain, which can make the pushing hard work!


What do you have to eat/can I bring a picnic?
We sell a number of hot & cold drinks, cakes and sweets. You are more than welcome to bring a picnic with you, and we have a straw bale picnic area dedicated for just this!  


Is the maze open every day?
Yes! We will open every day, however, if there has been heavy rain overnight we may advise you if the paths are very muddy etc. Keep a close eye on the home page here, Facebook and Twitter feeds.


Can we bring our dog?
We welcome well behaved dogs, as long as they are kept on a lead and you clean up after them. Please note we are close to a wood and we frequently have wildlife (pheasants, hares, deers etc.) inside the field and the maze, so please be careful if your dog tends to disappear after scents!