We Are Open! 


So, on Monday 31st July we opened the maze for our 2017 season. It was a bit damp and muddy to start with, but visitors came and had a great time and loved our new Tea Wagon!


Filled with cakes from the wonderful GlamaRose Cakes, snacks and drinks its already been a huge hit - and eased the space in the ticket shed! 


We are open everyday from 10am, so check the weather forecast and don't forget your welly boots or change of shoes as the paths are pretty muddy and sticky with all this rain! 




Here is the maze from shoulder height from Daddy Maze who is 6 feet tall!


Opening Day Confirmed!


As you can see the maize this year is growing well and is a strong crop, so we are well on our way to opening on Monday 31st July 2017 at 12:00!


This year, is a special year as we have dedicate it to Mummy Maze who died unexpectedly in May. So, there are special things to find on your journey around the maze which meant a lot to her. We hope you will enjoy the maze, you won’t get too lost and most of all smile and laugh your way around it as Mummy Maze loved hearing the giggles coming from the middle of the field. 

Heart Breaking News


We have come to the heart breaking decision that the crop is just not strong enough to have a maze this year. The maize is only 4 feet high is it's "healthiest" parts, and 6" tall in the worst. We even have patches with no growth at all. It has now gone to seed, which means that it won't grow any higher. 


Due to this, we have decided that it is not fair on any of you, our great loyal visitors to even try to cut a path let alone many paths into the crop, as you will be able to see the route before you step into the maize! We feel as though we have let you all down and we miss hearing you and the laughter coming from the field. We hope you all understand why we have come to this decision, and hope you all understand we did not take this decision lightly. 


Please be assured that we did everything we could to get the maize to grow, and we will be doing extra next year. 


Once again, we are truly sorry we have let you all down, as well as the cows the maize goes to feed over the winter, and hope you will come and visit us in 2017.


The whole team from Braydon Maize Maze. 



We're sorry to say we won't be opening this weekend or next. 

The maize is just not growing enough and should be at least 5 feet tall by now, in places it is barely at knee hright. It is very upsetting as we wanted to be opening and showing you all what a great maze is! We are getting everything else ready so hopefully we can open sometime in August, but we can't find a way to make the maize grow healthy and strong. 

We feel that we are letting our visitors down and we are very sorry. Hopefully we will be able to open at some point this summer, and if we can't we wont give up and will be back in 2017. It's always been reliant on the the weather as at the end of the day this is a crop we grow to feed local farmers cows, so we feel as though we are letting them down as well! 

We will continue to keep our Facebook page up to date, so please keep an eye on it and here. 


Sorry again, 

Everyone at Braydon Maize Maze



2016 - A new beginning


Sorry we have been very quiet, but we have been working hard in the background getting things ready for the maze this year. 


In January we had a hard time and Mummy maze (aka Bev!) was hit by a rare neurological disease and was in hospital for over 3 months! Luckily she is getting stronger by the day, but is currently in a wheelchair. This is one of the reasons we have been a bit slow off the mark this year but  . . . . we have set the theme, or should this be themes?! 


We have also set an opening date of 23rd July at 2pm, but this does depend on the weather until then as we need the maize to grow a bit more than it is at the moment! 


Let us know if you're planning to visit us, and what you think the theme (or themes!) may be for this year! 



Opening Date Set!


We've been working really hard behind the scenes, and we have set our theme as "Alice In Wonderland". We think this is a great theme to have as we all enjoyed reading the book when we were children, and this year laso marks the 150th Anniversary of when the book was first published.


Once we set the theme, we were able to work towards an opening date, which is . . . . 


Sunday 26th July 2015!


We hope to see you at some point over the summer, to see if you can get lost! 



A New Year, A New Theme!


We like to keep things fresh at the maze, and we have once again come up with a brand new theme for summer 2015!

The theme is . . . . . underwraps for now! We have been tweeting a few clues and there are some on our Facebook page as well, so make sure you check both to see if you can work it out. We will of course let you all know nearer the time!


For now, the maze is just a muddy field, with the local wildlife enjoying it. Hopefully as the weather gets nicer, we will be able to get the tractor back into the field and we will be able to plough and then sow the maize. We will keep updating the news here, but more often our Facebook page, so please give us a like! 



Featured in PayPal's Small Business Spotlight!


As many of you know, although we are in a field we do accept card payments thanks to PayPal Here. Well PayPal heard about this, and asked if they could do a feature on us for their Small Business Spotlight! Here is the link, we hope you all like it!



Special Orienteering event, Tuesday 2nd September! 


We are very pleased that North Wiltshire Orienteers have decided to come back again this year to hold another one of their special events! They are arriving from 6pm tomorrow after spending the afternoon setting things up in the maze. 


Although this will be an exclusive event for the evening, everyone is more than welcome. For further information please see the NWO webpage or contact us!

Thank you!

Many thanks to everyone who came yseterday to our family fun day, we raised just under £300 for Variety, The Children's Charity. We still have a number of the road treasure hunts left for you to come and try and we will be emailing all the participants next Saturday with the results. If you want to come and have a go at the treasure hunt, and help us raise even more money for Variety, pop in and we will sell you one of the treasure hunts, just make sure you compete it before Saturday! 


Win a 1992  BRG Mini Cooper! 

We are still selling the raffle tickets to win a mini, which is a stunning car and I wish I could win it myself! They are £1 a ticket, with all proceeds going to Variety too. If you would like to purchase any tickets, either pop in or drop us an email and we will get this sorted! The draw will take place on Saturday November 1st 2014 so you have loads of time to come and get them! 



It's been a whole month since we opened, and we'd like to thank every visitor who has come and got lost with us!

This is has been a great year so far, and many visitors have mentioned how much they enjoyed their visit and can't wait to visit again - thank you!

Although the schools are going back next week, we are still open until the maize is ready to be cut, and we have a number of groups booked in to come. If this is something you think you'd like to organise please let us know.

We are now in the middle of planning and setting up for our Family Fun Day on Saturday, where there will be a few new items hidden in the maze anda few extra bits and pieces going on around the maze - why don't you drop in and see what's happening from 10am?!



We open on Sunday 27th July at 2pm - that's only 2 days, 5 hours & 30 minutes until we open!


We're on the final stretch until we open, and it's all go, go, go here! We are making the final pieces to go inside the easier maze so make sure you're on top of your nursery rhymes & fairy tales to see if you can work out what the pieces relate to when you find them! 


We have a private engagement party happening tomorrow and the party have worked really hard and the tents are looking great! So if you do come by and see us open tomorrow, unfortunately it will be for the private party but come back and visit us on Sunday instead! 


Hopefully the next update will be pictures from our opening day - so keep checking back! 



Our opening date is set! 


Please come and join us at 2pm on Sunday 27th July! 


Some of you may have already seen the yellow AA road signs up showing the way, but they went up a bit sooner than we expected! We're having our opening at 2pm so fingers crossed it won't be raining then!


The two mazes are coming along nicely, with the smaller one being Nursery Rhymes & Fairy Tales, and the larger one being a sculpture trail.


We have had a number of bookings already this year, for a College group, an engagement party and a Brownie Pack - so if you'd like to organise a group booking, please get in touch.


As a special offer, we are offering a family ticket for only £10 if you are kind enough to help us raise the money for a cafe tent. We're doing this via Indiegogo crowd funding. If you'd like to help and receive a discounted family ticket, please have a look here -


Keep an eye on our Facebook page, as we will be putting up photos leading up to the opening day! 




The maize is planted!


We planted the maize on 21st May, and we're happy to report that we have already seen green shoots appearing! 


This year the maze will be bigger than last year, with two mazes interconnected - a slightly easier one with a theme of nursery rhymes leading into a slightly harder one. Don't worry we're planning on making it very obvious when you are leaving one and entering the other! 


So far we have been hard at work, and we have many ideas that we are now trying to make into reality! We've also had pur first party booking for an engagment party, and we've had enquiries from a college and a playgroup for visits, so if you are looking for a unique venue, think about us!


We are sending out our newsletter, so make sure you've signed up to keep in the know, and don't forget our Facebook page & Twitter feed



The year is off with a bang! 


Well it's off to a very wet start, but fingers crossed we get all the rain out of the way before the summer.

We have been quietly busy getting things in place for this year, and the biggest change is the size of the maze! We've been out in the field and marked out a bigger maze, in fact it's almost twice as big as last year. We're planning on combining two mazes into one - an easier maze like last year, leading into a more complicated one for those of you who would like a bigger challenge! 

The grass is in the process of being killed ready for the ploughing and sowing to commence. We're hoping that our maize will grow well this year, so we're looking at weather forecasts with great anticipation.


Keep coming back for more updates, and don't forget to sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know what's happening :)



We are the guest blogger on Visit Wiltshire! 


We're pleased to say we were asked to write a guest blog on the great Visit Wiltshire website! 


Please have a look and let us know what you think :)

Torch Lit Evenings Confirmed!


We will be open from 7pm - 10pm on:


Thursday 19th September

Friday 20th September

Saturday 21st September


For you to come and have a go at our maze in the dark! Be sure to bring a torch and some trainers or sturdy boots as the paths become very disorienting at night!


Prices for these sessions will be £8 for Adults, £6 for children & a Family ticket of £20.


It will be a whole new experience for you! 



Special Orienteering event, Tuesday 3rd September! 


We are very pleased that North Wiltshire Orienteers have approached us to hold one of their special events. They have been over to the maze a number of times and have been plotting every inch of it for their event! 


Although this will be an exclusive event for the evening, everyone is more than welcome. For further information please see the NWO webpage or contact us!

And we're OPEN!


Although Saturday was a slightly wet afternoon, we opened and had a number of hardy people who came to enjoy themselves and to get lost in the maze, and didn't let the Birtish Summer put them off! 


Sunday was a much nicer day, and so the number of people coming went up. Everyone enjoyed themselves, and a number commentated on just how great the sculptures were, many thanks to the artisits who have lent us them, to see more details have a look on our dedicated page "Sculptures".


We had a few hiccups, but we are now up and running well, we even have free WiFi so you can come and check in whilst visiting! 


We hope to see you here soon!

It's all go, planning for Saturday's Grand Opening! 


The bales have arrived for the picnic area, the flags and balloons have arrived, and we've got our ticket "shed" ready to go.


It's been a hive of activity here trying to get everything ready for Saturday, some days it seems as though there aren't enough hours in the day! 


We still have a long list to get to the bottom of, not least collecting and installing the sculptures we have from local artisits. We're plodding along through it, and everytime we cross something off, we think of something else to add to it! 


We hope everything will be ready for Saturday, all we need now is good weather and you! 



The maze is growing well and we've set an opening date! 


After a few set back we are back on track and set an opening date of 17th August! 


We have been busy here, and we have even managed to get a few willing friends to come and try out the maze. The good news is they all loved it (and came back without getting too lost!) 


With this mixture of sunshine and showers, the maize has really shot up and we are confident you will have a great day when you come to see us! 


Come on, come and get lost with us! 



We're in the Press! 


This morning we are in the Swindon Advertiser!

We had a great day yesterday showing them around the maze, (even if it is only a foot or so high!) and telling them what we are hoping to do this summer.

They both seemed impressed and wanted to know if they could come back when we are open! 

Read the piece they wrote about us here


Not only that but we are also on JACK FM Swindon's news bulletins, and on their news pages too!


We're getting excited!


Hope to see you all in the summer! 



The Maze Is Cut!


This weekend, in the sunshine the maize had grown enough to have the maze cut into it!

It's very exciting, and even with the mazie being so short, it was fun following it trying to get into the middle! 

We're up and running and we will keep you posted as to when we will finally open the doors so you can come and get lost with us! 



Web adverts are Live!

We're very excited to announce that we have two live web adverts on two great websites! 


The first is Visit Wiltshire, as we are pleased to announce that we are once again members for 2013/2014. We are proud to be accepted as partners for this great tourism association, and we have had more than one of our tweets retweeted by them! Look out for us and them on twitter - @VisitWiltshire & @CornelioMaize


The second site is The Cotswold Water Park. This is a great Park and we have been enjoying the lakes and activities there for years and years. We're pleased to say we are the ONLY activity on their website under the "Other Activities" option!


Things in the field and online are looking up, and the weather is certainly more summer like this year than last year, so fingers crossed we will see you here later this year! 



The Maize Is Planted . . . .




Great news, the maize was planted and little green shoots have started to appear in the field. We are now keeping our fingers (and toes, arms, eyes, legs, anything!) crossed to see if we have some sort of summer this year!


We have cut the grass in the entrance, and around the edge of the maze, and it is looking great, all we need now is for Mother Nature to be kind to us and we will soon be welcoming you all to come and get lost!



The First Green Shoots!

Good News!!! 

We have finally made it into the field this weekend, and the tractor did not sink! We have cut down all the old crop and we are getting ready to come back this year fighting fit! 

Keep you eyes peeled for more news and we hope to see you in the maze this summer! 

News Archive - 2012

Distressed Maize

We wish we had some better news, but so far we are suffering like most other farmers in the country. The maize is very poor and has only grown a foot or so, not the 6 feet it should be by now.

Due to this, we are yet to open and we apologise for letting you down.

We are looking into opening up our cafe and picnic area, so please contact us for more information - and if you'd like to come for a proper English cuppa whilst wishing the maize to grow.


Many thanks for your understanding.

Poor weather is hurting the maize

I'm very sorry to report, but all this poor weather we have been having has caused the maize to become "distressed".

Due to this, it is not growing well and as a result we have had to postpone the opening of the maze.

We were hoping to be up and running for the summer holidays, but with the maize being less than a foot high we have taken the hard decision to postpone the opening.

As soon as the weather improves, we are hoping to open as soon as the maize allows us to!

Please contact us for further information, and keep checking back for further updates.


Many thanks

VisitWiltshire Member 2012/13

We are please to annouce we are a proud member of VisitWiltshire! 


You can now find us in the VisitWiltshire website

13th June - We're growing well!


Although we've not had the best weather (!) the maize is growing well, even if it is looking a bit yellow.

We've decided on the lay out of the maze, so as soon as it's a bit drier under foot, the cutting will begin! 

30th May - Green Shoots have appeared! 


It took just over a week, but the first shoots have appeared! Take about fast growing!

Here is a photo of one of the shoots, not long now until we have to start cutting the maze! 

22nd May - The Seeds have been sown!


Can you spot the little red seed hidden in the ground? It's one of thousands that were planted in the field earlier this week, so fingers crossed we will get to see the tiny shoots of green appearing soon. 

Not quite Scarecrows!

The family pets are keeping a close eye on the seeds, and trying to scare the birds away from eating too many.

17th May - Ploughing has begun!

Finally after a break in the weather, we have had the chance to go out into the field and plough the maze.


Not long now until we plant the maize and green shoots start to appear.

The land is being prepaired! 

We have staked out the size of the maze, and it's going to be big! 

The grass has been cut, and we are just waiting for the maize to be planted. Keep checking back for further updates and pictures!